Monday Monday

Do you dread Mondays? You may think that means you’re in the wrong job. More likely, however, you simply need to change your approach to that infamous day.

Recently, I realized I was lamenting Mondays starting on Sunday evenings. I was feeling that I never had enough time on the weekend to do everything I wanted to do. I intended to play my guitar and harmonica, write a song, Skype with my boyfriend, talk or hang out with some friends, take my Border Collie to Crissy Field, do laundry, buy groceries, cook a nice meal, watch a film, read a book and/or news, do a bit of work, write, and relax. I could only ever get through a portion of my plan before Monday rolls back around. Ugh!

As a way to ease into my work week and overcome my ambivalence (read: dislike) for Mondays, I always tried to keep my Mondays unscheduled. However, I soon realized the free Monday wasn’t working for me. My open schedule only left me feeling unfocused and grumpy. In talking with a friend about my business, I mentioned how motivated I am by the executives I meet regarding board opportunities. In that moment, a light bulb went off: I should schedule meetings on Mondays with people who inspire me! And wouldn’t you know, it worked like a charm!

Here are four things you can do to cure yourself of the Monday blues:

    1. Do something that inspires you. I make the first appointment of the day an in-person meeting with someone I am excited about, preferably someone I have never met before.
    2. Plan your day. Leaving my day open and unplanned left me unfocused. Use a daily planner to map out and set an intention for your day and week. To make the day really great, list your accomplishments throughout the day!
    3. Make someone’s day. As a recruiter, I have found that most people are like me and are disgruntled on Mondays, so those are the best days to call them to consider a different opportunity. People are more receptive to new offers to help get out of their funks.
    4. Get grounded. Try a short meditation, even just three to five minutes, either before or on your way to work. You will feel clear-minded and rested. A couple of apps I use that help me get clarity are the Saake Buwalda Mindfulness App andHeadspace, but I’m sure you can find a similar app to use.

Let’s make Monday the new favorite workday by anticipating the possibilities the work week can bring.

And if you are a CEO or you serve on a corporate board’s nominating governance committee and you are looking to establish or grow a diverse, inclusive board, I would love to schedule a time to meet with you this Monday!

Kim Clancy is Founder and CEO of the search firm Hampton O'Bannon Partners, LLC (HOP,LLC). She helps technology companies attract and hire women and minorities to their boards.

Email: Kim(at)