LinkedIn Gets Personal

Do you prefer privacy over open social media profiles? That’s been my preference for the last several years. Over my twenty plus years in recruiting and executive search, I have built relationships that blend the personal and professional, like a boost added to your smoothie -- fluid and hand-crafted, one by one. However, I have found that in a digitized world increasingly running on artificial intelligence, a boutique business like mine will not survive without diving into the social media fray of the masses.

I confess that I resisted. Stubbornly, I stood firm in my belief that past successes were directly connected to the one-on-one relationships I nurtured, primarily in person. I thought that was the only way forward for me. When I tiptoed into social media and started generating and sharing content, at first I found the rewards were intermittent, random and often unnoticed, sort of like taking medicine that may or may not benefit you over time.

Eventually, though, I started getting some beautiful results, such as the time when executive Marlene Timberlake D’Adamo read and commented on my article about Unconscious Bias and asked to connect. Over the past three years, we’ve become friends, meeting several times, talking occasionally over the phone or FaceTime, sharing mutual connections, and discussing family and other personal matters.

More recently, when I received a direct marketing piece over LinkedIn from Eli Angote, I checked out his profile and invited him to meet in person over coffee. That’s when I came to understand that you can develop meaningful, personal relationships via social media marketing, in this case using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Let me tell you, it really works!

If you are accustomed to developing your network and relationships one person at a time, typically after doing a deep dive researching your prospect, I suggest you try LinkedIn Sales Navigator. For even better results, pair it with Dux Soup. Your ideal clients will be inbound! If you want guidance, ping Eli Angote who consults in bootstrapping and social media in addition to running a notary on- demand business.

Instead of labored, targeted research—or, if you prefer, in tandem with your old-school methods—you can use these powerful new social tools to access and connect to a wide audience. And yes, you can keep the personal touch while you do it.

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