Kim Clancy, Founder and CEO

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My close friend of thirty years calls me a bridge builder: I actively think of ways to creatively connect you to people or resources. It is my passion and I have made it my life’s work.

As an example, in January 2018 I traveled with five executive women to Israel and Palestine to mentor, learn from, or network with tech board members, executives, entrepreneurs and 9-11th grade girls in STEM. One reason for saying “yes” to the trip was the opportunity to really get to know the executives with whom I traveled…nothing like a week of almost 24/7 days to do that!

In a roundtable in Ramallah, Palestine I learned one of the executive members of my traveling group is fluent in French. Soon thereafter the bridge builder in me surfaced – a CEO I have been prospecting for a couple years who is looking to balance his board is French.  The executive/board candidate in my group also came with top Ivy league credentials and substantive technology board experience. A match was made!