Insightful connections
Effective Results

For many firms the most successful M&A transaction is done efficiently, cost-effectively, and allows you to expand your reach for existing clients by harmonizing the talents of culturally similar firms. A merger may be great on paper, but will its profitability endure if the cultures do not blend? 

We go beyond the numbers and assure there is a cultural fit. 

With over 15 years of successful legal recruitment, our unique blend of experience and insight is what sets us apart. Via our vast network - we have longstanding relationships that connect us to key global players. Our keen awareness of movements and trends in the industry is why top tier firms come to us for their merger or acquisition introductions.

I am very impressed with Kim’s ability to truly understand my business, her individualized approach, and the enormous breadth of her network. Kim’s introduction led me to identify an exceptional business connection. The merger that followed significantly strengthened the company and has had an exceptionally positive impact on our growth, scalability, and overall business value. Kim’s partnership has been instrumental to me both professionally and personally.
— Ashley Lukehart, CEO, Parachute

Whether working with small boutique or large, global firms, we focus on making connections that facilitate accelerated business growth and allow for an effective, seamless M&A transition. 

We are the “connector” of choice ensuring a successful, enduring M&A.