We are a San Francisco based recruitment FIRM WITH EXTENSIVE placement experience.

Hampton O’Bannon Partners, LLC (HOP, LLC) is a San Francisco based executive search recruitment firm with expertise in independent board member recruiting for small and mid-cap SaaS companies. The firm has a reputation for integrity and has consistently been voted “the best” every year since its inception (2010) by The Recorder publication.

Kim Clancy, the Founder helps CEOs and nominating governance committee chairs who are finding it challenging to build a balanced board.  She learns the life cycle of the company, uses analytics to strategize regarding optimal board member traits, and handcrafts a search after personally getting to know the key players.

With 20+ years in recruiting, Kim is known for accessing and connecting with otherwise elusive individuals. She values quality over quantity and is an advocate for the advancement of women, people of color, LGBTQ and other minorities.

HOP, LLC is founded on Kim’s philosophy of providing insightful recruitment, advice and metrics-based strategy, and being an integral, collaborative member of your board recruitment process.

HOP, LLC promotes ethical standards in the executive search/recruiting industry.